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(Please avoid any heat treatments 24hrs before)

Waxing @ Find Wax bar & Beauty
Name Price
½ leg wax £17.00
Full leg wax £27.00
Underarm wax £10.00
Forearm wax £15.00
Eyebrow wax £9.00
Lip or chin wax £7.00
Lip & chin wax £12.00

Intimate Waxing

Perron Rigot is a renowned French creator of high-quality waxes suitable for all techniques and skin types using only the finest ingredients. The waxes are perfect for both male and female treatments. On these delicate areas, I would only use hot wax.

Name Price
Bikini Wax £14.00
High Leg Bikini wax £18.00
Brazilian - landing strip above and neatened underneath £29.50
Hollywood - all hair completely removed £29.50
Half leg & bikini £29.00
Half leg & extended bikini £33.00
Half leg & Hollywood/Brazilian £44.00
Full leg & bikini £38.00
Full leg & extended bikini £42.00
Full leg & Hollywood/Brazilian £51.00
Post wax treatment
Ingrown hairs can be a big problem for some; so we have put together this treatment to help tackle those peskie ingrown hairs......

This treatment is best carried out at least 1/2 weeks after your waxing. It is designed to reduce ingrown hairs, bumps spots and clearing irritated red skin down below.
£25 30 min

Some useful tips

First, PLEASE don’t worry - it will be much easier than you think!

I can not wax if you are taking taking Roaccutane, have sunburn or serious medical conditions, so please check first.

I advise you to wear loose clothing to your appointment and do not apply any lotions to the area prior to being treated. Please make sure your hair growth is sufficient length to be waxed. Usually a minimum of 0.5cm.

If you have been shaving, I recommend 3/4 weeks growth. If the hair is longer than 2 cms, please trim before your appointment to 2cms maximum.

Students receive 20% of all treatments on a Monday