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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing at Find Wax Bar & Beauty

We offer Ear piercing in a safe and clean environment to anyone above the age of 5 upwards.

However, under 16’s must have consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Name Price
Ear Piercing £24.00

After Piercing Care

Wash hands thoroughly before touching studs or ear Cleanse front and back of ear twice a day with CAFLON Natural Solution without removing studs. Rotate studs 2 or 3 times.

Keep hairspray, soap, shampoo etc away from the ear. After shampooing the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then cleansed as above.

Leave the studs in for 6 weeks continuously after this period, the studs can be removed and other post-type earrings can be worn.

Use only post-style earrings continuously for the first 6 months of the piercing. The post should be surgical stainless steel or other hypo-allergenic material.

Minor pain/redness may occur immediately – this is normal. This will settle within 48 hours provided proper aftercare is carried out. If undue swelling/pain/redness occurs at any time, seek medical advice before removing the Earpiercing stud.

Students receive 20% of all treatments on a Monday